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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lanbo's Armory Sponsoring The BattleRoadUSA Run and Gun

Gear for Guys That Use It
Lanbo's Armory is a Montgomery Texas based firearms and gear shop selling just about everything anyone could ever want for their rifle, pistol or kit to folks all across America.

Myself and my friends have been shopping at Lanbo's for a good while now as there is a good chance they will have the lowest prices anywhere you can find gear online. Our most recent purchase was for 60 of the AR15 P Mags. They were ordered in two blocks and the first block of 30 mags was paid for, packed, shipped and received in right at a week. One of the fastest deals I have ever run and there is nothing better than getting a package delivered from a gun store right?

The amount of gear offered by Lanbo's Armory is pretty amazing, and I want to tell you something else right now. Take a look at the prices some of the firearms retailers and gun shops are asking for items right now. When the price for P Mags went from $9.95 to $75 dollars overnight, Lanbo's prices never went up. They had to put them on back order, but they took orders for the mags at the regular price and guaranteed them for delivery. We ordered another 30 of the mags. How many of your favorite gun shops or retailers prices stayed the same? Better remember those that did.

With the current craziness, guns, gear and ammo are hard to find anywhere, but if Lanbo's does not have it, they will do their best to find it for you from their suppliers and have it delivered to you.

If you want to browse Lanbo's gear, you can go to their location in Montgomery Texas at Lanbo's Armory, 11122 Twain Drive, Montgomery, TX 77356, or call them Toll-Free at Phone:(855) 300-GUNS, Toll-Free Fax (888) 569-9468

Or browse their online catalog at

Thanks Lanbo's!!!

Lanbo's Armory
11122 Twain Drive
Montgomery, TX 77356
Toll-Free Phone: (855) 300-GUNS
Toll-Free Fax (888) 569-9468

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