The Zombie Destruction Run date is April 26th, 2014-To register for the event go to

Monday, February 4, 2013 Has Agreed to Help Sponsor The Zombie Run

Let the bidding begin!
I want to thank the folks at for agreeing to help sponsor the "End of The World as We Know It-Zombie Destruction Run". They are going to send some gear for the runners and I really appreciate them helping out.

You guys are all familiar with It is the absolute best place to buy or sell a firearm or firearm related item. There is just no other substitute for the number of folks GunBroker reaches or the amount of firearms and gear that they have available.

Sure, there are other firearm auction sites and some of them are good and some are not so good, but the Cadillac of gun auctions is GunBroker with more than 230,000 auction listings for firearms, parts and accessories each month and over two million unique visitors each month. I have bought and sold about 140 items on the GunBroker site and it is the easiest place I have found to sell items and to carry out transactions.

I just sold another rifle there and it sold very quickly for a really good price. They get a large amount of traffic on their site and can reach millions of possible buyers every month, and, they have been at this long enough to have a rock solid record of above board handling of their clients.

I am not kissing butt because they are helping to sponsor the Zombie Run and Gun, I have been a satisfied customer of GunBroker for over ten years. The fact that GunBroker has agreed to help out with the Zombie Run and Gun is just icing on the cake. Thanks GunBroker!!


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