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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


We are looking for additional sponsors for the event. We have written to a lot of folks and we already have some sponsors on board, but we want to make sure we have as much of an assortment of swag as possible for the attendees, and that we are helping to promote companies who are valuable to the shooting sports. If you have any ideas for sponsors, drop me a note at rwvarangescout at gmail dot com

Big Chest O' Pirates Gold Prize (not really)
We are also looking at donating a percentage of the proceeds from this event to a local charity. BattleRoadUSA is a local company and we want to make sure we are doing our part as community members to help support our local charities.  BattleRoadUSA has already decided to open two slots per a class to full time Texas teachers at no charge. We know that school teachers do not make a lot of money, and we want to make sure that Texas school teachers are able to competently handle a firearm and to defend themselves and their loved ones if they make the decision to do so.

If you know of a local Texas charity, drop us a line so we can maybe start talking to them about ways we can partner with them to help insure our local Texas needs are being met as much as possible by community members, rather than the government.

We also welcome folks who have stores or companies to bring out a truck load of gear and set up a table to sell their wares on the day of the event. T-shirts, knives, ammo, you name it (legal). Or even if you do not have a company, but want to bring stuff for trade or barter, we have no problem with this either.

If you have a service you want to offer at the event, like knife sharpening, gear repair, haircuts/shave or primitive dentistry...., give us a call or drop us a note and we will be glad to talk to you about this. We will be selling sodas and hand type food, hot dogs, chips etc. If you have some kind of food rig you want to bring, we will talk to you also.


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