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Friday, December 28, 2012

Let's Talk About Slings....

The Mamba Sling from Spec Ops Brand

I used to think the only sling that was any good for anything was the original GI sling. I used the original GI for many years and I found it served my needs and was the best I could find (I didn't really do a lot of looking) allowing me to make adjustments rapidly and steadying the rifle for longer shots, which require a steady platform and no movement to make an accurate shot. If you are making a shot under 50 meters, then the sling may or may not be of use to you depending on what you are shooting at. If you are shooting at the center of mass on a twenty inch square target at fifty meters, then you might not need a sling. However, if you are trying to shoot  into a one inch square at fifty meters, I would certainly advise using a sling to steady the rifle.
Spec Ops Brand Mamba Sling
In all my years in the military, the two point issued sling seemed to work fine, but that was really only because I never knew of anything else or made any effort to try anything else. And for about 20 years of hunting and self defense carry, I never graduated beyond a two point carry. All of my rifles and shotguns did always have a sling, each and every one of them. I have always thought of a sling as a necessity. But I never gave the sling much thought after getting it set up on a rifle or shotgun and getting it adjusted properly.
There are a number of slings and a whole lot of ways to wear and use them, all supplied by Spec Ops Brand.
Spec Ops Brand Mamba Sling
So, why am I writing this underneath a video about the Mamba Sling, from Spec Ops Brand Gear? Because as I  have graduated from different types of shooting over the last few years, I have found that the traditional two point sling for over the shoulder carry on the range, hunting and carrying the rifle in the traditional two point fashion, or in a self defense mode, while still useful to me, did not serve all of the possible situations I might need to address regarding rifle sling functions. As I started taking more firearms courses which required multiple firearms and diverse situations and conditions (which the real world is full of) I started to learn different ways of carrying a rifle that would depend on the circumstances relating to my carry
The Well Dressed Soldier
.I have recently been using the Spec Ops Brand Mamba sling and I am really happy with it. I got my first Spec Ops Brand Mamba sling from a friend who had been using it in Iraq. I was very impressed with this sling and it's ability to be modified for use in many different situations for carry. It can be used in a variety of ways to carry your rifle when actually using the rifle, and it is perfect when you want to do something with both hands, but have the rifle right where you can get your hands on it in a split second when you have to. Like I said, I used to only use the G.I. sling as I usually only had a rifle in my hand when I was using/carrying firearms. Now I can drop the rifle to a hang position to use my pistol or another rifle or shotgun and still have the rifle within reach when needed. I can adjust the Mamba sling for traditional use, or have it rigged for a single drop sling, or any number of combinations within seconds.
The sling is made with a stretch material on one of the bands which allows you to have the rifle at a carry, or hang position on you and will still let you do a muzzle/butt thump/strike in a pinch, it is a very quiet sling without a bunch of metal hardware which means very little rattle and none of the velcro ripping sounds. The sling does not need a lot of prep before a patrol to keep it quiet.

I would easily recommend the Mamba Sling from Spec Ops Brand for anyone who wants a multi purpose sling that is affordable, easy to use, extremely durable and is currently being used, and recommended by thousands of American troops in the field.

And if the Mamba is not the best fit for you, take a look at the rest of the slings offered by Spec Ops Brand, because they make a dozen or so different types of slings in addition to the two versions of the Mamba.

You can find them here

PS- They make some of the best back packs and other related gear in the gear industry. If you have something you think you might need to help round out your rig or gear, take a swing through the Spec Ops Brand online catalog before you head anywhere else. Affordable and tested gear is just a click away on their site.



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