The Zombie Destruction Run date is April 26th, 2014-To register for the event go to

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Zombie Promo #6

I had to do another video, since the one I posted earlier had some copy written Creedence music in it that I do not have the rights, I did another one with generic music and had to almost completely redo it, just in order to switch out the music. So here is Zombie Run Promo 6 (actually number 11 or so...)

This is only my second attempt at filming and editing so no comments on how much I suck at it ok? And I want to remind everyone that the whole reason for doing an event like this, (for us), is to have fun.

First rule is be safe, second is to have fun and third is to see how our strength, speed and stamina match up with our shooting skills and run planning. And I hope that is how this event turns out. 


The website is set up with an eventbrite link now so you can begin preregistering. We are going to need about 25 or so ROs who will run the event free the day before, Friday February 22, 2013, and then RO for the event day on Saturday the 23rd. You can send an email to to let him know if you want to be an RO for the event.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Zombie Run Promo Video

We did a bit of filming to kind of preview the upcoming Zombie Destruction Run we have scheduled for February 23, 2013. There are bits of stuff we will be doing for the run. Not everything is carved in stone yet as we are still working out some of the courses of fire and some of the actual course plans, but, I guarantee it will be a great chance to see how your strength, speed and stamina match up with your shooting skills. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

BattleRoadUSA "End of The World as We Know It-Zombie Destruction Run"

Hey Folks! Ever wanted to combine your shooting skills with a physical test of your strength, speed and endurance, in one event, in order to give you an idea of  how you might fare in an actual "End of The World-Zombie Apocalypse" situation? (Without all the blood, gore, mental anguish and unsanitary conditions you might encounter in an actual Zombie Apocalypse)

The BattleRoadUSA "End of The World as We Know It-Zombie Destruction Run" is on!, and scheduled for February 23rd, 2013.

The run will be a three plus mile loop around the BattleRoadUSA range location in Buckholts, Texas. There will be seven shooting stations, for rifle and pistol against Zombie themed targets and seven obstacles that will have to be negotiated during the run.

We will be setting up the registration page in he next couple of days.We will be capping attendance at 100 runners and 30 Range Officers. The Range Officers will run on Friday, February 22nd, the day before the actual event, and then will act as range officers for the event runners on Saturday. The ROs will run the event for free. The cost to Saturday runners will be $100 per a person. The runners will also receive a T-shirt, along with a meal at the event location, on the day of the run.

We want to make this an annual event at BattleRoadUSA and we would like folks to use this occasion to bring trade and barter items to sell or trade at the event. We will be looking for sponsors for the event, so if you have someone in mind that might want to donate money, or goods, and have their company information on the website, a banner at the event, have their company literature handed out or have a tent or truck at the event and sell their gear, you can send me an email at rwvarangescout@(remove), or call at 254-217(remove)1325 and we can discuss possible options.

Most of all, we want to have an exciting and safe event, and bring a great shooting experience to the folks who attend. Hope to see everyone there!