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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Revised Round Count

The King of the United States of America has stated he intends to implement new gun control measures upon the subjects of this great nation. This has led to an outrageous increase in ammunition prices.

We at Battle Road USA don't want people going through a large amount of their ammunition for this run. We will now have two divisions for the run. There will be a "Target Division" and a "Combat Ready Division".

The Target Division will have a low round count. The participant will only have to hit each target one time in order to move to the next target. This will keep the round count at no more than 30 rounds of Rifle ammunition and no more than 50 rounds of handgun ammunition . The distance of the course will remain approximately 3 miles long and the obstacles will stay the same.

For those who may have some extra ammo laying around and want a little more of the Bug Out experience, we have created the Combat Ready Division. This division will operate by the original course of fire and with the original high ammunition count .

Let's not allow the anti-gunners to keep us home and off the range, that's exactly what they want. Please help spread the word about the Zombie Run and together we can pack the house with good like minded people. This would be a great time to network, talk about guns, and discuss this King of ours.